We are the Artists as well as the Art

As far fetched this might seem too many people this is one of the biggest controversies among some of the most brilliant minds in history. The Divine Matrix written by Greg Braden explores the realities that have been discovered recently by the quantum eyes of science that we can´t perceive through our normal senses do to the minuscule universe that lies on the quantum level within us and around us. “All matter originates only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind this mind is the Matrix of all matter” Max Plank,1994 With this words Max Plank the father of Quantum Theory describe the universal field that unites all existence: The Divine Matrix. To be able to understand this reality we have to break the barriers of what we have always believed as true in our life, opening a new horizon of view were we are recognized as much more as simply observers to a reality that is alien to us. John Wheeler, a Princeton physicist and colleague of Einstein objected radically of the traditional view of our role in creation, breaking this old idea that we look to reality enclosed into a glass box that can be crashed, this scientist crashed this thick glass supporting his theory on the famous experiment that gave radical proof that in the simple look of looking something changes that something crossing the word observer and replacing it with participator. Going through the same string of though we can observe the artist analogy that presents the idea of an artist and a canvas where the artist is separated from the canvas and use the tools to be able to interact an inner creation. Within the Divine Matrix however the separation between the art and the artist disappears: we are the canvas, as well as the image upon it; as well as the artist using them.



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