Poem of Ayahuasca

Michael Hoffman

Every cell in my body
trembles with anticipation
as the curandero croons
ayy ooo wah hee….
….time to come and see me…
as my stomach settles from the purge
of the exlixir of the vine of the soul
I have dared myself to drink
as my limbs begin to vibrate
as I am seized by the hair
lifted right up off the ground
in the arms of great angels
who look like alien jaguar dancers
with huge luminescent eyes
and funny hats
who live in the emerald jungle
where the concoction I took
grows entwined
with my desperate hope
that this isn’t a scam
that there really is another world
or maybe galaxies too
but then I realize
I’m so far away from home
I know I’ll never get back
because I see him up ahead
it’s God with his hair gloriously ablaze
sitting on a grand throne
at the end of a great stone road
like the Roman’s Appian Way
suspended in pulsing interstellar space
and there is a line of people
stretching for light years
all hoping for a sustainable miracle
all holding tickets to see him
and each one walks up to him
heads bowed
and he caresses their hair
and he says I love you
but really, I just work here.

This Poem illustrates some of the feelings and experiences brought by the Sacred Amazonian Vine called Ayahuasca. I choose this text because it represent a beautiful experience of transcendence and enlightens readers into the mind of a person that has experience a very powerful medicine of the jungle. The piece of text presented above reminds us of the universe we don’t see everyday, reminds us of what we can do with our minds and our inner bodies and how society routinely forgets and ignores this part of us.

Hoffman, Michael. “Ayahuasca Poems on Hello Poetry.” Hello Poetry. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2015.



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