Capstone Proposal Spirituality, the Universe not Everyone Knows

Nicolas Avila

U.S Literature


23 Feb 2015


Capstone Proposal: Spirituality, the universe not everyone knows


The actual vision of the Universe has declared that humans are merely observers of their reality unable to control what they experience along their life, separated by a thick slab of glass. Max Planck a German theoretical physicist father of quantum theory opened the gates to science to begin understanding and discovering what our ancestral ancient civilizations had already comprehend centuries ago. Doctor Amit Goswami a Quantum Physicist and a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness,states “ When we understand us, our consciousness, we also understand the universe and the separation disappears.”1 Spirituality and science has finally collided where the newly accomplishments of Science have pushed the barriers of knowledge making it possible to proof and understand the relationship between the Universe and the overall existence of living creatures, more concerning humans as their whole reality crashes in front of their eyes making a path for a new way of seeing life that would redirect humanity to a prospere future as a more advance conscious being proven by the enlighten people that have comprehend the universe from the eyes of compassion, love, and understanding. Spirituality has become a very important factor on society and nowadays when science has transpass the barriers of impossibilities and miss believes inferred on past times the time has arrived for people to know the unknowns and be able to remove the veil that obscures their vision. There is place where all things begin, a location of pure energy that simply is.2  The purpose of this capstone focus is breaking the box of the barriers put upon reality and simply open the possibilities into infinite solutions that would conscientious people that there are different ways of living, and resolving problems, to improve life as we know it on planet earth, because I believe there is more power than we have been teach available to the human race, misused by the misleading paths we as a whole have decided to take.

1. Max Plank

2. The Divine Matrix



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