The Divine Matrix

“To create reality, focus beyond the outcome, as if it has already happened.”
― Gregg Braden

Reality is an illusion, humans have been raised with the believe that we are merely observers of the reality, it leads me to think that governments don’t like for obvious reasons that the masses think they can change what they don’t like in their lives, maybe it is because Revolution is a thing nowadays governments want to avoid. The Divine Matrix have been a really dense book that has teach me lots of things and open my horizon even more.A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that it is us —our consciousness— that holds the key to life and even reality itself! In 1967 the pioneering physicist Konrad Zuse married the ideas of consciousness with modern technology and proposed that our universe works like a massive consciousness computer. And just as every computer translates “Input-commands” into “Output-results,” our cosmic consciousness computer appears to do precisely the same thing! When we translate our deepest beliefs into the reality of our world, we are literally re-writing the code that makes the universe appear as it does. And this is where things change for us all making humans more powerful than they ever believe the were, the difficult part is understanding that we have to forget and re-learn how to manage life, because combining this new knowledge and comparing the things we could have made knowing this the advancements of society has been very poor



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