We are all part of a universal matrix

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

” In order to tap from the force of this matrix, we must first understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes.” Gregg Braden reveals how to explore and discover the miracles of the Quantum world. It is in this place of pure energy — a ‘Quantum Field’ — where everything begins, from the birth of stars and the DNA of life, to our deepest relationships and healing. New discoveries suggest that our world is a reflection of our beliefs. Everything is now believed to be overturned. The power to create joy, to heal our woes and find peace in our nation is inside us!  People have look in the outside for centuries, searching for the answer to the problems that present to humanity, and our society have proven unbalance reflected on the behavior of our race making damage to themselves and each other, consuming, wasting, and damaging all that surround us in search of feeling connection, feeling love and happiness. Answers are inside us, being in peace with your body, learning to control your mind would lead you to different paths were internal love and happiness will flourish, leading you to self awareness about yourself and your surroundings.



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