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Society as a whole is sick, this videos shows an astonishing lecture, magical ordered words, seriously I can´t imagine a better way of saying this mister Mckenna does a genius work, putting us into evidence, taking the words from my heart. McKenna was an American philosopher and ethnobotanist who passed away in the year 2000. He was known for possessing expertise on a broad range of subjects including history, biology, geology, botany, and ecology. He toured and lectured extensively on everything from language and science to shamanism and extraterrestrials, developing a sizable and enthusiastic following.

The late Terence McKenna. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
The late Terence McKenna.

His controversial status is in large part due to his vocal advocacy of  mind-altering substances. McKenna was a well-known psychonaut–one who explores consciousness through the ingestion of psychedelic hallucinogens–and a staunch proponent of the use of naturally occurring psychoactive compounds. We can achieve great things, we just have to disconnect to connect. Be real, feel live running through your veins, live present, and enjoy the miracle of life.



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